JAST Apparel is a women’s apparel wholesales company specializing in dresses, offers variety range of dresses from casual, career, daywear, desk to dinner, cocktail, social event, jumpsuits, Tops, Skirts and Pants.

In house designers consistently offering new / trendy / fashion to customer every month with more than 200 styles every month.

Addition to design, JAST offers exclusive Caravel Artwork, which the Company acquired right from Caravel in year 2021 from Samsung C&T America, add unique and beautiful colors to dresses.

Product Line

Pattern & Artwork

JAST Apparel has acquired and now owns all prints and artwork from Caravel as of 2021, enabling us to utilize approximately 80,000 patterns and artworks.

This acquisition allows us to cultivate an unparalleled atmosphere and style, unmatched by any other, as we move forward.