JAST Apparel is a wholesale women’s clothing company based in Commerce, Los Angeles.

We acquired Samsung C&T America’s long-established apparel division, which has been in place since 2003, and Caravel’s Fabric library business in 2021, and began this business under the name JAST Apparel. It draws inspiration from diverse people around the world to express JAST Apparel’s unique style and values.

JAST Apparel stands out with its unique prints that are unparalleled when compared to others, high-quality fabrics, and a wide range of styles that can appeal to all generations. We showcase the company’s distinct strengths by offering clothing suitable for everyday wear, special events, work, or dates on various occasions.

Additionally, now you can find JAST Apparel on various wholesale platforms, in popup stores, and on social media networks. Whether they are wearing En Focus, Kate and Lily, Stella & Julie, Stitch B, Velvet Fleur, or Alexa B Nights, our customer can walk into any room with confidence.